Word on the street


The BBC and the British Council have co-produced this new English Language teaching programme.
10 episodes filmed in different places in the United Kingdom

As they say:
"Word on the Street looks at how English works in everyday life and presents lively aspects of young British culture. Each half hour episode is filmed in a different place in the UK and features drama, interviews and reports to help you improve your English language skills".

Click here to go to Word on the street


Mira que luna said...

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ugenc said...

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Mira que luna said...

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J said...

I really like the sound of this program, especially the way that it emphasizes real-life language in connection to culture. This is much more valuable than more prescriptive styles of learning that we see all over the place

teachertya said...

I usually use materials from BBC English for my classes. They're really good.

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MonicaV said...

This looks great, thanks for posting it. My students are always fascinated by different English accents and slang. They're always asking me to do a Scottish accent or teach them some Cockney rhyming slang. This resource will make my work much easier...

Monica V

lynsey Edwards said...

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