"English Language Listening Library Online (ELLLO)

A colleague from Sitges ( Thanks a lot) told me about this site after one of my talks to teachers on "How to use Blogs in the classroom" and after testing it I must say it's one of the best sites in the net to practice Listening.
Todd Beuckens has created this site with more than 1000 listening activities with accents from all over the world, including  videos, interviews, news, songs, talking points, listening games, etc. with comprehension exercises, quizzes, and lots of different activities. Using naturally spoken English

Take the tour  by clicking here to know how it works and its contents

Click here to go to www.elllo.org


Ana Concejero said...

Hi , I'm Ana, an English teacher too. You've been mentioned on my blog as one of the blogs which is worth visiting.
This is part of an initiative called "Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog". The chosen blog has to embed the prize picture with a link to the blog she/he has received the prize from and write ten more links to the blogs which are well worth a visit.
Congratulations and thanks for your blog.
Mine is "Mis clases..."

Anna said...

Hi. I'm Anna Morales from EOI Terrassa and I have also mentioned you on my blog as one of the blogs which is worth visiting. Since Ana Concejero has already awarded your blog with the prize, you don't need to write ten more links :). I'm just writing for your information.

You can see the list of the other recipients on my blog.

My blog : http://blocs.xtec.cat/amorales

Priscila said...

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Solar said...

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