MEMIDEX, free on line dictionary, thesaurus and more

This is the best free on line dictionary and thesaurus I have ever seen. 

Try it, it's great!!


As they say ,
Memidex is a free online dictionary and thesaurus 
Memidex reaches a new total of 12.5 million external reference links, including  over 5.4 million definition references, 5.3 million audio references, and 1.8 million etymology references.
Each audio reference has a button to play the audio directly from the Memidex web page.
Click on this link to go to MEMIDEX


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Your blog has been nominated for our Top 100 Language Lovers 2011 competition.
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Giulia - On behalf of the bab.la and Lexiophiles team

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Hey there,

Sorry to leave an unrelated comment (although it looks like people do that regularly?) but I was wondering if you accepted guest posts for your blog. Let me know!