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Learn English with the latest news from all over the World. More than 1.400 lessons based on Business , Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Technology , Famous people, World News, etc...
Warm ups, before, while and after reading/listening exercises, speaking activities, writings and even homework .

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Breaking News English


Nari said...

I’ve read your blog and find it very much interesting. Learning English is very important because it improves ones chance of getting a good job. We love to see more on this site. Keep on updating…

JohnC said...

Hi Joan,

I thought the readers of Enjoy Learning English would appreciate a site for videos of the best speeches in history covering politics, history, theater, sports and more.

A great way for kids and adults to learn english, oratory, and history...in a format that is easy to follow and share.

Videos of famous Speeches

Ben said...

Good stuff. Always pleased to find little nuggets of useful information like this. Thank you!



IParrot Post said...

iParrot Post is a global read and reporting news platform that enable users to post their account of events witnessed, worthy local and International news. iParrot Post is a breaking news portal.iParrot Post exists to provide independent news and information to the masses, comprised of news feeds from around the world. We enable our users and subscribers to submit local News that they see as important. It is also a portal to allow users and subscribers to comment and contribute to the News events of the day.

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